ацтека игра

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For this challenging riddle, you'll need a quick eye and tactical skills to move forward.

You'll need to think outside the box to make it very far, but plenty of advantageous bonuses will help you.

You have to be quick to collect all the missing words and solve the ancient mystery. I know this game is several years old but of all the dozens of match-3 games I've played over the years, this one is still my favorite! Sound: Background music was tuned out but I love the sound effects of the matched colors exploding. By rotating a group of 3 (which can be done several ways) colored circles you attempt to match a group of 3 or more like colors.

This story line is a simple one about Aztec gods, but it's not super important to the game. BUT, the cool part is every 5 levels you complete gives you another piece of the story AND with 150 levels of game play that's got to be a pretty great tale to tell. Game Play: On your game board are a cupcake-looking circles of various colors. BUT, the ultimate goal is to remove the colored circles with the letters on them.

The game is fun because you have to hit on several letters, which presents a challenge, and as the game goes on, the cool effects of the game become harder and harder. You DO NOT need to form words, just remove those lettered circles.

There are 150 levels, all of them fun, but if you find one you just can't beat and want to skip, you can accumulate lives in order to skip them. If this isn't the most ingenious game I've come in a while, well, I just don't know what to say - lol. When all the lettered circles have been removed, level over.

I had about 8 extra lives by the end of the game and felt no need to use them. If you feel like you're going to run out of time (which will take a life), then exit back to the menu and reload so the timer starts all over. EXCEPT, a picture of a round artifact appears as well as a blank board to its right.

The letters you removed from the previous game board will show up as a word and then pop on over to the blank board, with the letters spread about everywhere.

Every 5 levels, a piece of the artifact lights up and all the letters become a piece of the story.

Trust me when I say that when you play this game it will all make sense.